CPS-3205 0-30V-32V Adjustable DC Switching Power Supply 5A 160W SMPS Switchable AC 110V (95V-132V) / 220V (198V-264V)

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CPS-3205II Only Included inside: 1pcs CPS-3205II+1pcs power cord (default EU type) + gifted crocodile clip line
CPS-3205II входит в комплект поставки: шнур питания 1шт CPS-3205II + 1шт (по умолчанию тип EU) + одаренная линия клип-крокодила

CPS-3205II Set Included inside: 1pcs CPS-3205II+ 1pcs power cord (default EU type) +37pcs DC cable connector Комплект CPS-3205II, входящий в комплект поставки: шнур питания 1шт CPS-3205II + 1шт (тип EU по умолчанию) + разъем кабеля постоянного тока 37шт

New version CPS-3205II features

Voltmeter, ammeter four green digital tube display.
Precision ammeter display, resolution 1mA, accuracy 0.1%+4digits.
The peak value of ripple and noise is less than 10mV, which is comparable to that of linear power supply.
Constant voltage C.V mode and constant current C.C mode have no overshoot output.
Efficiency greater than 87%.
Intelligent protection: output short circuit protection, tracking overvoltage protection, track over current protection, over temperature protection.
SMT components use reflow soldering process to reduce the damage to the components during welding and welding, andthe reliability is better.

Features:Microprocessor (MCU) control, high cost performance
High power density, compact appearance
Aluminum enclosure, very low EMI
The encoder is used to adjust the voltage and current
Four bit digital voltmeter and three bit digital ammeter, set and display accurate to decimal place after the two bit
When the working current is lower than 1A, the ammeter automatically displays Ma
High efficiency, efficiency up to 88%
Low ripple noise, ripple peak value less than 30mV
Output ON/OFF switch
Input voltage 220VAC/110VAC switch
Lock button, the output switch button and adjust knob lock, prevent accidental changes
Intelligent protection: output short circuit protection, tracking overvoltage protection (Tracking OVP), OCP (Tracking), over temperature protection (OTP)

Specification parameter:

Operating voltage range 198 – 264Vac
Operating frequency range 45 – 65HZ
Output voltage range 0 – 32V
Output current range 0 – 5A
Efficiency (220Vac = 87%, full load)
With the input current (220Vac = 1.4A)
The no-load input current (220Vac = 80mA)
Voltage accuracy is less than or equal to 0.3% + 1 digits
Current accuracy is less than or equal to 0.3% + 2 digit

Load regulation rate (90%-10% Rated Voltage) = 50mA

The input voltage adjustment rate (198-264Vac = 20mA)
Noise ripple current (peak value) is less than or equal to 30mAp-p
Set the precision is less than or equal to 0.3% + 20mA
Dimensions (w * w * l) 120 * 55 * 168mm
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Operation Voltage Range

95-132Vac OR

198 – 264Vac

Operation Frequency Range

45 – 65HZ

Output Voltage Range

0 – 32V

Output Current Range

0 – 5A

Efficiency (220Vac/full load)

≥ 87%

Full Load Input Current(220Vac)


No Load Input Current(220Vac)

≤ 80mA

Volt Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 1 digits

Current Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 2 digit

Constant Voltage

Load Regulation (0-100%)

≤ 30mV

Line Regulation(198-264Vac)

≤ 10mV

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mV

Ripple & Noise (r.m.s)

≤ 3mV

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 10mV

Transient Response Time (50%-100% rated Load)

≤ 1.0ms

Constant Current

Load Regulation(90%-10% Rated Voltage)

≤ 50mA

Line Regulation (198-264Vac)

≤ 20mA

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mAp-p

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 20mA

Size(width× height× depth)


Net Weight


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